Models Portfolio

Adetunji Felicia

Book Felicia Full Name: Adetunji Felicia Hip size: 38 Waist size: 30 Height: 5.7 Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Snapping Bust: 37 State of Origin: Osun State Date of birth:  6th June  City of Residence: Ogun State 

Grace Inengibofa

Book Grace Full Name: Grace Inengibofa Hip size: 36 Waist size: 28 Height: 5.5   Hobbies: Singing and Adventure Bust: 33 State of origin: Bayelsa State  Birthday: 5th September  City of residence: Port Harcourt

Agbolade Margret

Book Margret Full Name: Agbolade Margret  Hip size: 38 Waist size: 35 Height: 5.3 Hobbies: Music , playing games, and singing Bust: 34 State of origin: Ogun State Birthday: July 21st City of residence: Lagos

Unwana Samuel

Book Unwana Full Name: Unwana Samuel Hip size: 36 Waist size: 31 Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, Swimming, Sports Bust: 34 State of Origin: Akwa Ibom Birthday: 30th November City of Residence: Uyo

Praises Ezebube

Book praises Full Name: Ezebube Praises Hip Size: 42 Waist Size: 32 Height: 5.3 Hobbies: Reading and making friends Bust size: 37 State of Origin: Anambra State Birthday: 11th February City of Residence: Eket

Blessing Ogele

Book blessing   Full Name: Blessing Ogele Hip size: 37 Waist size: 29 Height: 6.1 Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Writing Bust: 34 State of origin: Abia State Birthday: 1st August  City of residence: Aba  

Janet Elijah

Book janet Name: Janet Elijah Hip: 38 Waist: 28 Height: 5.9 Hobbies: Singing and Reading Bust: 33 State of Origin: Benue State Birthday: 22nd September City of Residence: Minna 

Susan Okim

Name: Susan Okim  Location: Ikom, Cross River State  Specialization: Photoshoot modelling Eyes color: Brown  Skin Complexion: Deep brown Hair colour: Dark Height:  To hire Miss Susan, kindly CLICK HERE